Cycle Alchemy Compass

Discover proven menstrual pain relief techniques and remedies to alleviate period cramps and discomfort.

Can you Imagine how much EASIER your life would be if you entered your
NATURAL FLOW and stopped trying so hard? 

Just imagine for a minute what else would become possible for you if you would:
- Wake up on the first day of your period and feel excited about it  
- Finally experience the menstrual pain relief you have been longing for
- Go though the ‘PMS’ phase WITHOUT the symptoms  
- Know how to manage your time and energy in the best possible way
- Feel like you are in a loving partnership with your body  
- Know exactly where you are in your cycle and know
 how you can support yourself  
- Have more energy and mental clarity  
- Achieve your desired weight and feel good in your skin  
- Experience less anxiety and emotional turmoil  
- Reduce cravings and understand how to satisfy them  
- Understand yourself better and discover your power as a woman
- Prepare your body for a healthy pregnancy if that is your desire

When you start shifting how you EAT, WORK OUT and TAKE CARE of yourself according to you Menstrual Cycle Phase, you set the foundation for a Balanced and effortless FLOW

Dear Woman,  can you find yourself in these words?

  - My PMS symptoms are driving me crazy every month
 - I need to take pills to manage my menstrual pain and period cramps

- I deal with back pain, bloating, painful breasts  
- I experience food cravings that mess with my intention to eat healthier  
- I experience PCOS, Endometriosis, ovarian insufficiency or thyroid problems  
- I have irregular periods or my period went ‘missing’  
- I experience low mood, low libido and depression  

- I experience extreme changes in physical and emotional wellbeing during the month
- I experience anxiety and an emotional rollercoaster every month  
- I gained weight and don’t feel good in my skin  
- I feel guilty about eating too much or not exercising enough  
- I feel shame about my body, blood, body changes, being a woman  
- I feel the pressure to be better and want to see the difference soon  

- I already have some awareness about my cycle, but want to dive deeper 

Let us tell you this - you are not alone!

We have been there both.

Actually, 80% of women suffer from the above symptoms, which are all connected to hormonal imbalances. If you are here, it’s highly
likely you are amongst them.

But here is the good news! YOU have the power to do something
about it and get Back to the Body and Back into Balance!

We are here today to show you EXACTLY how to do it with our 
Cycle Alchemy Compass, which will allow you to build a strong foundation that will enable you to get and more importantly STAY in Balance by applying the natural laws of your Cyclical Body Wisdom.


  There is ONE CRUCIAL thing that is missing from the ‘solutions’ you have been trying out so far -

If you are NOT taking it into consideration, no matter how hard you try, how much effort you put into making the change, and how many people
told you that you are going in the right direction - the natural force within you has always been more powerful.  

Are you ready to finally start working WITH your body, and stop going AGAINST it?

Discover proven menstrual pain relief techniques and remedies to alleviate period cramps and discomfort.
Our expertise and guidance will help you navigate your menstrual cycle like a pro.

In Cycle Alchemy Compass you will find laser extracted tools that address each of your four bodies:
physical, mental, emotional and spiritual - so you are supported in a truly holistic way



Get to know your Cycle by tracking your body’s symptoms 


with Nutrition, Self care and Lifestyle Practices - no more starving 


with Hormone friendly exercises including Fitness and Yoga


with Embodiment practices and meditations

Scroll down to explore the Full Course Curriculum with Bonuses and preview some of the lessons 




Conscious Feminine Mind and Body Coach, Nutritional Therapist specialising in Reproductive Health, Personal Trainer for Women, Creator of Instinctive Soul Dance Pre-Post Natal Fitness,  Intuitive Alchemy Work Breathwork


Holistic Health Coach,
Embodiment and Empowerment Mentor for Women,
 Womb Healing Facilitator, Yoga Teacher


 May the Cycle Alchemy Compass bring you back to the natural rhythm of your cycle.
 May it allow you to get to know yourself deeply, your body, your true nature as a woman.  

May it enable you to find menstrual pain relief, so that you can enjoy every day of your cycle and build a connection with your body,

which supports you in creating the life you desire for yourself.  
May we together build a new reality for future generations, where Cyclical Wisdom is available to every woman

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Need more information?
If you are interested in this topic and want to learn more before comitting to the 
Cycle Alchemy Compass, we preparad a 45 minut Value packed Workshop   

5 Steps to Fall in Love with your Period


Yes, if you don’t have an active menstrual cycle, you can work with the lunar cycle instead to find your cyclical rhythm. There is also a training video explaining exactly how you track your cycle if you don’t bleed or have irregular periods.

You might be eating healthy and working out, but there is more to it - if you're not providing your body with a full spectrum of nutrients and adapting your exercises to your cycle, you are not doing yourself a favor.

Yes absolutely. Women on birth control are most often prescribed birth control to manage symptoms of hormone imbalance. Using the Cycle Alchemy Compass you’ll learn how to balance your hormones naturally. All you have to do is show up for yourself.

This program is not designed for pregnant women. Please reach out to Inese Zute, who specializes in Pregnancy Fitness and Nutrition and offers 1:1 Coaching and Training Online.  

We recommend you to wait a minimum of one year after you have given birth and started breastfeeding since your body needs even more attention

Yes, 100%. We will not suggest you to change your diet in any way that is not aligned with you. We go over vegan protein sources and provide information on how to assist your hormones, so we got you covered!

While we can not guarantee that you will be able to conceive after taking this course, we can absolutely say that if you apply the changes learned in the course, you will get your body in balance, which is the base for fertility.   

You will get recommendations for supplements, but it is absolutely your choice whether and what you decide to include in your diet. No pressure here. 

You can access all the course materials - videos, audios and PDFs on the course platform, where you will be directed after the purchase for immediate access  

You can always ask any questions in our private Telegram group. If you would like more support, you can sign up for 1-1 sessions with Inese or Sara.  

If for some reason you won’t be satisfied with the program, we are offering a 14 day money back guarantee.

In our experience, there is always an option if you are willing to find one! But we understand that sometimes you can find yourself in a situation where you already exhausted all the options and you would really need some support. If you have a pure intention and feel that this course is your answer, get in touch to ask if we have any scholarships available. 

Please send any questions to 


Course Curriculum

Back To Balance Academy

At Back to Balance Academy our Mission is to empower women all around the world to go from Pain to Power 

with Cycle Alchemy, so that they can experience a magical Month without PAIN and become Cycle AlcheMisses 

- reclaiming their innate body wisdom, enjoying vibrant health, thriving in their own natural rhythm 

and creating an impact for future generations