Connective Breath Daily Practice as a support and guidance to serve you.


 Bring your focus on your breath, and allow it to lead you.  

The way you breathe is the way you live your life.
If you hold your breath in, you are holding onto things.
If you don’t take in your full breath, you don’t live your life fully.
If you find yourself forcing the out breath, life is heavy, it is hard to process life itself and you find yourself holding onto things.
These are only a few possible signs that can be observed in the facilitated Breathing Session.

This specific daily practice will assist you reconnecting with your life, with your life force energy, calm your nervous system and help you to bring yourself back into the present moment, here and NOW, from which you can see the things for who they are and make conscious choices from that space.

Use your breath as your best medicine - Reclaim what always has been yours, you just have forgotten about it.

You will  get an explanation of why it is important and how exactly to do it.

Connective Breath Practise Overview

What will you get? 

You will receive Guided Connective Breath Practise in Video &   Audio Format.  
 while you are sitting and while you are lying down.

Connective Breath Sitting down: 8 min - Video and Audio format
Connective Breath Lying down: 11 min  - Video and Audio format 

The Best Gift


For Yourself

Sherine SoulSister

Life Coach

I have changed the way I breathe. Inese explains it in a very easy way to understand the principles and easy to follow. I am very visual, I love that she offers Video version of this practise as well as audio version. I can  now experience bliss and present state of mind right after each time I Practise Connective Breath. Thank you for your guidance. 

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At Back to Balance Academy our Mission is to empower women all around the world to go from Pain to Power 

with Cycle Alchemy, so that they can experience a magical Month without PAIN and become Cycle AlcheMisses 

- reclaiming their innate body wisdom, enjoying vibrant health, thriving in their own natural rhythm 

and creating an impact for future generations